Professional 2000W High Power X2 Hair Dryer for Salon

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Heat balance technology

With advanced heat-balanced distribution technology, well maintained at 57 degrees Celsius. Studies have proven this is the ideal temperature when drying, styling. The hair is still soft and smooth, like going to a spa without worrying about split ends.

Take care of your hair with ion conditioning. Negative ions eliminate static electricity, care for the hair and flatten the hair cuticles to increase the shine of the hair. The result is beautifully shiny, frizz-free hair

Heat balance technology Dryer

Real power over 2000W

The professional hair dryer is equipped with 6 levels: Hot/Cold/Warm, super powerful more than 2000W. Helps hair dry super fast. It will only take her 4 minutes for short hair, 8 minutes for long hair and 1 minute for his.

Turbo AC motor

Using the latest super powerful turbocharged AC motor, designed by top engineers. Durable operation, high performance, small sound only ~ 68db. Don't worry about anyone being bothered!

2000W High Power Dryer
small sound Dryer

A Safe Hair Dryer

Smart device overload protection. When the temperature is too high, the system of the hair dryer will automatically stop working the incandescent, along with the insulated double shell, will protect your absolute safety.

Sexy design full of charm

Our hair dryers are designed with professional salon standards in mind. The rounded 29cm long body helps create a strong tornado wind. With standard 28cm long handle to help prevent shock and slip. Convenient wall hook with 3 meter long rubber coated EU standard power cord for easy movement.

AONIKASI X2  Dryer-3
AONIKASI X2  Dryer-5

European quality standards

Intelligent safety electrical system against short circuit, anti-interference with European [CE] standard for absolute safety. The same 3 layers, including a fireproof insulation layer, and an insulating layer create a safe double protection system. Along with the nylon shell, new technology materials are used to resist breakage, impact and provide high insulation and heat.

Product Parameter


13 pure copper motor

Power cord

2.8 meters full copper two-plug power cord, with blue light and aroma





Speed gear

6-speed wind control adjustment

Outer box size



Pearl black