HJP P1 Ultralight Hair Dryer W/ Diffuser – Grey

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Innovative design Dry Hair Machine

Innovative design –This hair dryer is unique, we have realized a very compact, light and poewrful perfect combination hair dryer. It is half the size of other hair dryers on the market, and it can dry hair 30% faster than other hair dryers.

Ultra compact – Air outlet diameter: 46mm ; Maximum width: 193.5mm ; Maximum height: 166.8mm

Perfectly balanced – The special combination ergonomic design, compact size and ultra-light weight, prevent the majority of professional hair dryer users from arm muscle damaga caused by long-term use.

Ultra-light Dry Hair Machine
LED indicator Dry Hair Machine

Digital Control Interface – Improve the performance of the blower and the life of the motor.

Ultra-light – The lightest hair dryer in the world, only 249g in weight, but can output large power and high performance professional hair dryer.

3m long cord – Professional ultra-soft power cord makes movement more free.

Temperature sensor – The motor protection system automatically detects and adjust the working temperature to improve the performance and service life of the motor.

Auto clean Dry Hair Machine
HJP P1 Dry Hair Machine-3

LED indicator – The corresponding working mode is displayed by the LED light, which is convenient to set and read its 12 configurations

Speed and temperature settings – 3wind speed control positions, 3 wind temperature control position, one-click cold windshield

Motor speed – The motor speed is simply controlled by varying the frequency of the current, up to 110,000 rpm, 7 times faster than a traditional hair dryer. And the AC motors require effective starting equipment like a capacitor to start operation.

Life motor – Ultra light, super strong and super durable

6 gear adjustment Dry Hair Machine
Dry Hair Machine5

Oxy-Active technology – The built-in-generator releases active oxygen to form a powerful antibacterial protective layer, while better protecting and locking the color effect of the hair

Auto clean – The motor blades can rotate in the reverse direction, which can deeply clean the filter dirt

Venturi Effect – The special air outlet design makes the air flow of the motor doubled by the vacuum effect, no extra power is needed.

Product Parameter






negative ions, hot and cold air, constant temperature, fine water ions

Rated power

1200W (inclusive)-1599W (inclusive) (W)

Certificate type


Handle folding

not foldable

Speed gear

3 gears

Nozzle Style

Collecting Nozzle + Scattering Nozzle

Overheating Protection


Rated voltage

220 (V)


DC motor

Heating wire

corrugated wire

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