2-way hair dryer hot and cold A8898

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1800W large capacity Drying Machine

● 1800W capacity

● 3 months warranty

● 220V/50 power source

● Low noise, works gently

AONIKASI 8898 1800W high-end 2-Way hair dryer has the function of blowing out a stream of cool air, which is not hot because there is no heat effect by burning the resistance wire in the hair dryer.

Switching between hot and cool air when drying your hair not only protects your hair, but also makes it easier to style, bouncy and fuller. This function is used after styling to perfect and fix the hairstyle. 

no heat effect Drying Machine
professional Drying Machine

High-end 2-Way hair dryer AONIKASI 8898 1800W large capacity suitable for professional hairdressers, for strong wind, fast drying, protecting hair from heat damage. 

4 adjustable wind speeds Handy hanger design in the store, suitable for both home needs and professional hair salons Safe airflow generator, No damage to hair. Elegant design, with heat sink.

4 drying speeds, suitable for professional hair salon. 

AONIKASI 8898 Drying Machine-4
AONIKASI 8898 Drying Machine-6

Automatic shutdown when overloaded (No manual heat cut button design) Powerful operation, quick drying of hair. Cheap, durable for everyone.

Product Parameter



temperature 3 temperature modes

Warm, Hot, Cool

3 drying modes

hot drying (easy to style), cool drying (drying hair quickly), drying warm.


13 pure copper motor

Power cord

2.8 meters full copper two-plug power cord, with blue light and aroma





Speed gear

4-speed wind control adjustment

Outer box size




Difference between AC motor and DC motor in tabular form

Ac motors are powered from AC current.

DC motors are powered from DC current.

In AC motors conversion of current is not required.

In DC motors conversion of current is required like ac into dc current.

AC motors are used where power performance is sought for extended periods of time.

DC motors are used where motor speed required to be controlled externally.

AC motors can be single-phase or three phases.

All DC motors are single phase.

In AC motors Armatures do not rotate while magnetic field continuously rotates.

In DC motors, the armature rotates while the magnetic field does rotate.

Repairing of DC motors is costly.

Repairing of AC motors is not costly.

AC motor does not use brushes.

DC motor uses brushes.

AC motors have a longer life span.

DC motors have not longer life span.