SHOUHOU model No D9 Rechargeable Hair Clippers High Power Wear Resistance Professional Hair Trimmer LCD Display Men Hair Clipper

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Product Description

convenient carrying electric hairdressing

● R-rounded corner design

● low vibration and low noise with lower than 60 decibels

● different lengths settings (0.8-2.0mm)

● One-button acceleration

● 5h cordless use/4h charge

The hair clippers have two blades, the fixed blade make from alloy and the moving blade is ceramic titanium blade, the material makes the blades sharp and durable, so the hair cutting is smooth with no snagging.

4 adjustable combs electric hairdressing
durable electric hairdressing

Cut your hair to the exact length you want with 4 adjustable combs that cut between 3mm and 28mm at 1m mincrements, a 2mm stubble comb, or remove the comb for a close 0.5mm trim.

2-speed digital panel freely adjusts switch settings, one-button acceleration, instant speed increase, safety return button and pressing to return with no effort.

LCD Display electric hairdressing
Champagne gold electric hairdressing

Display of 5 segment LED bar graph (100%, 80%, 60%, 40%, 20%). Specifically designed to monitor the power level of lead battery while charging or discharging.

Rechargeable Li-ion Battery 18650 type, which is very environmentally friendly, without memory effect, can be charged 1000 times without trouble of power outage. And it has portable size and light weight for easy and convenient carrying and using.

Champagne gold, it’s not overly vivid or bright, champagne is relatively easy to pair with other colors. It works perfectly with other metallics, muted tones, pastel colors or even vibrant and flashy colors.

portable size electric hairdressing

Product Parameter

Blade material

titanium alloy blade + ceramic moving blade

Universal voltage

100V-240V 50/60Hz


champagne gold

Charging method

original standard charger



charging time


Available use time


Circuit board

2- speed adjustable, idling at 6000 rpm


1500mAh Rechargeable Li-ion Battery 18650 type*2