SHOUHOU 1135 440c Stainless Steel R-shaped Head Cutter Eight Limit Combs Hair Cutter Overcharge and Over-discharge Protection Full Metal Body Hair Clipper

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440C stainless steel head Hair cutter

● The R-shaped design

● Classic all-metal body.

● 440C stainless steel

● 390 pure copper motor

● 2600mAh large-capacity lithium battery

● Overcharge and over-discharge protection chip

The cutter head is made of the highest quality 440C stainless steel, containing the best quality pure metals, with the greatest resistance, hardness, and wear resistance from all the stainless alloys.The steel quality is an essential factor that defines the level to which the hair clippers can be sharpened and its hardness over time and the work craftsmanship defines the level of sharpness. This is why the 440C steel quality allows the master to sharpen it to a very fine level, which will maintain for a very long time.

stylus Hair cutter
portable Hair cutter

The ergonomic R-angle head design fits well to your head and safer produced by other methods. The motor of the hair trimmer uses a high-speed 390 pure copper mute quality motor. And all metal parts of the body is very strong, you can quickly finish your trimmer with it.

This electric hairdressing has a removable head and is equipped with 8 guide combs, which can easily correspond to different hair lengths which allow you to achieve various hairstyles and lengths.

It can be used with cord and cordless use; 3 hours full charge for 240 minutes use. It has over charge and over discharge protection. It also comes with full Accessories; 8 guide comb, Cleaning brush, Lubricating oil, adapter (charger). Suitable for home and professional use, very portable and stylus.

Classic all-metal body Hair cutter

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390 motor, idling at 6000-6200rpm

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100-240V   50/60Hz  10W