SHOUHOU Electric Pet Clipper S03, Trimmer, Hair Grooming, Long Endurance, Safe Round Cutter Head, Low Noise, Cordless, 2000mAh, Rechargeable, Ceramic Cutter Head, No Stuck, Stainless Stell, Pet Accessory

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Ceramic Cutter Head Electric Pet Clipper

● Special ceramic cutter head for pet

● Noise reduction technology with lower than 60 decibels

● One-button switch control

● 70min cordless use/3h charge

Noise reduction technology that reduces friction noise. It has a high-quality motor to reduce mechanical noise and reduce vibration noise.

SHOUHOU S03 Electric Pet Clipper-4
Safe Round Cutter Head Electric Pet Clipper

The pets’ clippers with special ceramic cutter head for pet for long term cutting performance, sharpness, and durability, offer your pet the fast, safe and precise hair cutting experience, that will not scare your pet your.

SHOUHOU hair clippers for pet has powerful motor, which is can be used conveniently while charging, much better than average pet clipper. superior motor provides enough power to fast trimming your pet’s hair and cut through very smoothly.

The high-quality rechargeable lithium battery can last continuously about 70 minutes of running time after 3 hours full charged, simply plugs it in and use while corded.

Ceramic Cutter Head Electric Pet Clipper

Product Parameter

Item name

pet clippers Model No S03

Charging time


Available Use time




Battery type

high capacity Lithium-Ion battery

How to use

charging and plugging

Switch mode

one-button push

Mute setting

about 60db


1. What is this product?

Electric hair clippers work in a similar way as manual ones, but are driven by an electric motor which makes the blades oscillate from side to side. They have gradually displaced manual hair clippers in many countries. Both magnetic and pivot style clippers use magnetic forces derived from winding copper wire around steel. Alternating current creates a cycle attracting and relaxing to a spring to create the speed and torque to drive the clipper cutter across the combing blade.

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