CG-909 Hair clipper 100-240V electric clipper R-shaped sharp-angle cutter head rechargeable trimmer 60 decibel noise reduction design

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R-shaped Hair Trimmer

● R-shaped sharp angle design

● The cutter head cooling system

● Low vibrations and low noise

● LCD display

● 2200mah lithium battery

● One-button acceleration.

The R-shaped acute angle design fits the curve of the human head, which can be approached while the machine is running so the elderly and children can use it at ease without scratching the skin.

Large-capacity lithium-ion battery has a long life without memory effect, which is twice the life of ordinary batteries.

Low vibration Hair Trimmer
Hair Trimmer for Barbershop Home

Ultra-quiet operation and low vibration mode are specially designed for children's hair clippers. Low noise reduces the noise level of the motor to 60db, which is very suitable for children's hair cutting.

If you are not satisfied with the uniform trimming of the limit comb, you can also perform fine trimming. Personalized trims and delicate hairstyles can be achieved. It comes with different sizes of combs for you to use: 3-6mm/9-12mm.

Whether you are staying at home, or there is no salon nearby, or want to save time or money, the professional clipper kit provides an easy way to cut your hair. This is also the first choice for hairdressers or designers.

Smart electromechanical actuators to keep space efficiency. LCD Display, allows you to see the remaining power, easy to use.

Sharp Hair Trimmer Features sharp and smooth metal blades, which can cut off hair easily and quickly and help you to create a variety of hairstyles.

sharp Hair trimmer

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sharp Hair trimmer

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