Tips on how to use electric pet clippers at home

More and more people have pets, in general, we will choose to go to the pet store to the professionals for pet hair trimming, but when we use the pet electric clippers at home, what should pay attention to the use of skills?


1. Before trimming

Before trimming the pet's hair, the pet's entire body should be combed, straighten, remove the knotted hair, when the pet's hair is too long, you can first trim with scissors. If it is partially or fully dirty, it needs to be cleaned and then blow dried before trimming.

2. When trimming

Care should be taken to calm your pet's nervousness and avoid causing discomfort during the trimming process, which may result in your pet moving around and being accidentally cut.

3. The correct order of trimming

First trim the soles of the feet and trunk hair, so that the pet first adapt to, and finally trim the head and face hair (if you need to trim the pet shape, you can choose a different cutter head for trimming)

4. After trimming

After use, should be timely to the pet electric shears for cleaning, the head disassembled with a brush to clean, clean and dry, keep clean and hygienic to avoid breeding bacteria, you can properly drop some oil to the pet electric shears to do simple maintenance

Pet hair generally has a fine, soft, easy to knot characteristics, to trim the pet hair will be more difficult, so it is necessary to master the appropriate skills. In addition, pets must be very quiet electric push shears, otherwise the huge noise will affect the pet panic, so you should pay attention when buying.

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Post time: Dec-16-2022