MadeShow No 903 Hair Clipper for Men Over-charged protection High Precision Self-grinding Cutter Head Washable with power Display Waterproof Rechargeable

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ceramic Hair Salon Clippers

● Upgraded ceramic cutter head

● Over-charged protection

● 4 levels of adjustment of cutter head

● Detachable and replaceable head

● 2200mah high-performance lithium battery

● Battery power display.

The hair clipper will show you with battery life, complete your skin-friendly shaving experience. Using high quality rechargeable battery can achieve 3 hours charging time and up to 4 hours use time.

low noise Hair Salon Clippers
high speed Hair Salon Clippers

With upgraded ceramic cutter head, Our professional hair clipper with 4 levels of adjustment of cutter head can trim all types of hair in a desired length, and the smooth trimming process will not jam the hair or hurt your skin.

Strong high speed motor cuts through the thickest of hair with no snags or pulls, stable and efficient. And when cutting, there is very low noise, less than 60 dB, quiet and no disturb to your customers when operating, perfect for your customers with minimal noise control.

Use wet or dry, in or out of the shower. Washable grinding head are water resistant for easy cleaning. The cutter head is detachable and replaceable, washable, safe and hygienic.

detachable Hair Salon Clippers

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1. What is this product?

Electric hair clippers work in a similar way as manual ones, but are driven by an electric motor which makes the blades oscillate from side to side. They have gradually displaced manual hair clippers in many countries. Both magnetic and pivot style clippers use magnetic forces derived from winding copper wire around steel. Alternating current creates a cycle attracting and relaxing to a spring to create the speed and torque to drive the clipper cutter across the combing blade.

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