What should novice barbers pay attention to when buying electric clippers?

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Generally, you can see electric hair clippers in hair salons, which are mostly used for men's hairstyles. Electric clippers are an essential tool for an excellent barber. What should novice barbers pay attention to when buying electric clippers? Below we describe in detail.

1. cutter head

Generally, the material of the cutter head of the hair clipper could be stainless steel, carbon steel, iron sheet, ceramics, titanium alloy and so on. At present, there are two common materials on the market, they are stainless steel cutter head and ceramic cutter head.

The cutter head of the hair clipper is composed of two rows of teeth with edges that overlap up and down. Generally, the upper row of teeth is called the moving blade, and the lower row of teeth is called the fixed blade; the fixed blade is stationary during use, while the moving blade is driven back and forth by the motor to cut the hair. Therefore, the cutter head is a combination of two materials: the fixed blade is popularly made of metal, and the material of the movable blade can be made of different materials, so when we talk about the material of the cutter head, we mostly refer to the material of the movable blade. The hardness of steel blades is Vickers HV700, while the hardness of ceramic blades is HV1100. The higher the hardness, the higher the sharpness, and the easier it is to use.

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Stainless steel cutter head: more wear-resistant and drop-resistant. However, pay attention to maintenance after use. It is best to wipe the water dry and then rub some oil, otherwise it will be easy to rust.

Ceramic cutter head: strong shearing force, not easy to rust, hardly generate heat during working, small wear and durable, whose noise is small but it cannot be dropped.

Titanium alloy cutter head: Titanium alloy itself cutter head will not contain much titanium, because if there is too much titanium, the cutter head will not be sharp. Although heat-resistant and durable, the price is relatively high.

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2. The noise index

Generally, for small appliances, the lower the noise, the better, so you need to pay attention to noise decibels. Especially, when choosing products for younger babies, you need to buy a silent hair clipper with the decibel value being controlled at 40-60 decibels .

3. Types of calipers

Calipers are also called limit combs, are accessories that assist in trimming short hair. Generally, specifications are 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm with two adjustment methods, one is manual disassembly and replacement, which is a little troublesome with needing to be manually disassembled and replaced every time. The other is one-button adjustment, the limit comb and the hair clipper were designed together, which can be adjusted at will by sliding or rotating on the hair clipper, and the adjustment length can be from 1mm to 12mm. It is recommended to use 3-6mm with thick and hard hair, fine and soft hair is suitable for 9-12mm. Of course, you can choose the appropriate limit comb according to your hair style needs.

4. Power and power source

The power of the hair clipper is the speed of the motor. At present, there are mainly: 4000 rpm, 5000 rpm, 6000 rpm, the larger the value, the faster the speed and the stronger the power, and the smoother without jamming the haircut process will be. The power can be selected according to the hair type. 4000 rpm is suitable for children and adults with soft hair, 5000 rpm is suitable for ordinary people, and 6000 rpm is suitable for adults with hard hair.

Post time: Apr-16-2022