Is cold hair dryer better than hot?

While any type of heat styling can damage hair, most damage is caused by improper and over-coloring techniques. Drying your hair properly will give you beautiful results with minimal damage. However, if your hair is already damaged or damaged from heat, it may be best to avoid blow drying while you work on restoring your hair’s natural health and vitality. Most people with healthy hair can safely trim their hair 1-3 times a week.

If the cool air button on your blow dryer doesn’t turn on when you blow hot air through your fingers, you may be wondering if blow drying your hair with cold air is good or bad. Here’s the deal: hot weather is best for styling hair, while cool weather holds a finished style in place.

Hot air drying is faster than cold air drying, and is an effective way to change your style (for example, straighten hair or add volume). Cool weather, on the other hand, relaxes the hair follicle and helps your style stay in place for a soft, shiny curl. Therefore, it is often recommended to dry your hair with cold air after washing with hot air. Heat damages hair, so blow-drying with cool air is a healthier option for your mane. Wet hair is dry and can only be washed with cool air, but cool air is great for holding dry hair or setting a heat style. Bottom line: If you’re trying to fix a bad hair day or give yourself a new look, blow drying your hair with hot or warm air is the way to go. Go with cool weather to maximize natural light and light absorption.

Also, go for a round brush with natural bristles instead of a metal brush, which can get very hot and dry out your hair. And don’t skimp on products– always prep your hair with a heat protectant before washing! This reduces heat damage from drying your hair (thus preventing future frizz) and, depending on the product you choose, can add softness, shine and volume.


Post time: Nov-05-2022