How to use a hair dryer safely at home?

As a practical and fast small appliance, the hair dryer can quickly dry the hair, and you will not worry about catching a cold when you wash your hair in winter, so it is very popular among families. Now there are a variety of hair dryers on the market, with different prices, different brands, and different quality. People are also starting to think, are these hair dryers really safe? Because there are many unscrupulous businesses selling inferior hair dryers, this has caused certain safety hazards. If these inferior hair dryers are used, it is likely to cause fire, electric shock, burns and other accidents.

Therefore, when purchasing a hair dryer, you should pay attention to whether it has the following characteristics: ● 220V 2-way (cold and hot drying) ● extremely safe ● overload protection ● 3C certification. These functions can ensure that we are very safe when using, the overheating protection function, which automatically shuts down when the temperature is too high, can prevent us from being scalded.


Some safety tips:
1. Do not touch the socket when your hands are wet, keep your hands dry. At the same time, pay attention not to connect multiple high-power electrical appliances to the same socket at the same time
2. Keep a distance from any items to avoid scalding or causing items to burn
3. Do not blow your hair backwards, to prevent the hair from being twisted, and to prevent water droplets from dripping into the hair dryer
4. Try to avoid children using hair dryers alone, and parents should accompany them
5. Do not use in places with high humidity such as bathrooms
At the same time, when buying hair dryers, it is recommended that you buy from regular channels or choose well-known brands, which can not only ensure better quality, but also reduce the occurrence of safety accidents to a certain extent.

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Post time: Nov-14-2022