How to maintain your hair clippers

Due to the daily needs of people, electric hair clippers are not only used in hairdressing salons, but also more and more families are using them. You can get a haircut at home without leaving home, which is convenient and time saving.

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However, in the use of the same time do not forget the maintenance of the electric pusher, proper maintenance can increase the service life of the electric pusher, the following are some small methods:

1. Appropriate drop push shear oil. The use of electric shears, should be every few teeth in the blades between drops of the most push shear oil, so that the electric shear blades to maintain a good working condition (generally in the purchase of electric shears will be presented)

2. Clean the blades with a brush. Hair shavings, dander, dust or other debris are most likely to be hidden in the blade and small crevices, after each use, should be cleaned with a small brush. Clipped hair debris can affect the operation of the blade and its sharpness, so it is necessary to brush away any debris left on the edge regularly.

3. Use with discipline. Do not rinse with water or take into the bathroom when in use and avoid using in wet conditions. When not in use for a long period of time, store the clipper in a dry, ventilated environment.

4.. Clean the blades promptly. When streaks of hair and hair leakage occur during a haircut, this is due to the sticky surface of the blades, so clean the blades immediately and oil them properly.

Standardized operation, keep the body dry and clean, not only to reduce the breeding of bacteria, the same can also increase the service life of electric push shears.

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Post time: Nov-21-2022