How to maintain hairdressing scissors?

Scissors are one of the must-have tools for hairdressers. Scissors are opened and closed hundreds of times every day. If not maintained properly, the hairdressing scissors will be damaged soon. Here are some tips for maintaining your hairdressing scissors:

1. Use professional maintenance oil, spray it on a few pieces of toilet paper, and wipe off the dust and stains adsorbed on the surface of the scissors (the blades of the scissors are very sharp, so pay attention to the angle between the blade and your fingers when wiping to avoid injury)

2. Put the oil into the seam of the pressure screw where the scissors are combined (do not need to drop too much, just one or two drops) to make it penetrate into the seam of the screw, so that the opening and closing of the scissors will be smoother and smoother

3. Gently wipe off the excess oil on the scissors with a paper towel or a wiping cloth (pay attention to the angle between your fingers and the knife edge, try to keep it as horizontal as possible to avoid cutting your fingers)

4. Too much maintenance oil will easily make the hair adhere to the belly of the knife, and less oil will not protect the scissors. It seems that there is no oil, but the state of oil to the touch is just right

5. When using the scissors for the first time, don't adjust the screw too loosely to avoid the teeth getting stuck. You can tighten it properly, and then loosen it slowly after a few days.

6. Try not to use hairdressing scissors to trim unwashed hair, because the dust and oil on the hair will make the scissors wear out faster.


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Post time: Jan-03-2023