How to get waves?

Athletes and celebrities from Lebron James to Michael B. Jordan are famous fans of 360 waves. This type of world has its name from the shape of the hair, which resembles waves in the ocean or desert sand, and continues all the way to the head, starting with a 360 degree pattern. Mostly black people weave with natural hair and they are not only limited to 360 degree, there are also 540 degree and 720 degree waves.

Waves comes naturally for certain hair textures, but with the right care and consistency, they can look even smoother. To help you tame your mane and get embrace the wave, master barber give us his best tips and tricks for achieving and maintaining waves.

How is the wave carried?

For an optimal wave, you’ll want to cut your hair to a short length, about 1 inch. “This customer typically requires a clipper guard between sizes #1 and #2 or 1/8 and 1/4,” Washington says. Look at the grain of the grain, and not the other way around. Next, you will take a pattern of hair growth and where your crown is located. You need to wash your hair every day to keep the waves intact, so make sure you wash it right. Washington explains how it happened. “Using a handheld mirror, stand in front of the mirror with the back of your head,” he says. “There should be an area or areas where you see the spiral formation. This is your crown where your wave form will come from. This will also be where you start to wipe.”

Once your hair is short enough and you understand the hair growth pattern, you can start styling.

1.Use Hair Pomade To Mold Hair Into Place

2. Brush Hair In a Directional Pattern

3. Set Waves With a Durag or Wave Cap

4. Repeat

Post time: Sep-20-2022