How should you choose hairdressing scissors?

Hairdressing scissors are an essential tool in a hairdressing salon, so as a hairdresser it is essential to have a sharp and durable pair of scissors. It is important to have a sharp and durable pair of scissors so that you can use them flexibly and quickly to produce a look that will satisfy your customers. So what are the qualities of a good hairdressing scissors and how should you choose a sharp and durable hairdressing scissors?

1. Sharp blade

The blades are hard and not easily deformed, sharp scissors can cut most haircuts quickly when used, and can cut more hair with each closing motion, which is very suitable for precise hair cutting and finishing (not cutting hair with sharp scissors will cause split ends and fraying)

2. Smooth overall lines

The smooth lines of the scissors, the comfortable handles and the sleek and ergonomically designed handles help to place the thumb in a more comfortable position than with traditional hairdressing scissors. As hairdressers spend almost all day cutting hair, it is important to have a light and easy to grip pair of scissors so that you don't get tired of using them for long periods of time during the cutting process.

3. Excellent material

9CR-440C steel, can be used for a long time, not easy to fade and deform, bright and smooth surface

These are just a few suggestions when selecting hairdressing scissors, hairdressers should buy according to their own habits of use, as everyone has different hand shapes and different needs for different purposes. When buying hairdressing scissors, you can use them to see if they are light and comfortable to use and if they are sharp enough

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Post time: Dec-12-2022