MadeShow CG-976 Professional Hair Trimmer Cordless Powerful RPM 7000 Haircut Trimmer Top Quality Barber Hair Cutting Machine Metal Body Hair Clipper

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safe head Hair clipper

● Intelligent system with material NBPP

● R-shaped sharp angle design

● Detachable cutter head

● LED displays the battery status.

● 5-speed control for cutting

● Intelligent fast charging

● charging and plugging.

The R-shaped design fits the curve of the human head, which can be approached while the machine is running so the elderly and children can use it at ease without scratching the skin.

Hair clipper without memory effect
titanium cutter head Hair clipper

Large-capacity lithium-ion battery has a long life without memory effect, which is twice the life of ordinary batteries. 

Ultra-quiet operation and low vibration mode are specially designed for children's hair clippers. Low noise reduces the noise level of the motor to 60db, which is very suitable for children's hair cutting.

5-speed Hair clipper
USB charging Hairclipper

With five adjustable speeds, MadeShow CG-976 5-Speed Clipper is a great choice for all your grooming needs. Designed for powerful, precision trimming, the lower speeds are ideal for clipping around sensitive areas while the higher speeds give a nicer coat finish.

If you are not satisfied with the uniform trimming of the limit comb, you can also perform fine trimming. Personalized trims and delicate hairstyles can be achieved. It comes with different sizes of combs for you to use: 3-6mm/9-12mm.

Whether you are staying at home, or there is no salon nearby, or want to save time or money, the professional clipper kit provides an easy way to cut your hair. This is also the first choice for hairdressers or designers.

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1. What is this product?

Electric hair clippers work in a similar way as manual ones, but are driven by an electric motor which makes the blades oscillate from side to side. They have gradually displaced manual hair clippers in many countries. Both magnetic and pivot style clippers use magnetic forces derived from winding copper wire around steel. Alternating current creates a cycle attracting and relaxing to a spring to create the speed and torque to drive the clipper cutter across the combing blade.

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